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Your support and contributions will enable us to support our annual "IAM THE CAUSE".    We choose a "cause" every year to donate and/support. 

Your generous donation will fund our mission.

* September, 2020, IAM THE CAUSE;

an all inclusive, long weekend retreat for domestic abuse survivors ,  at our Zions National Park Resort



Our guests are typically people healing from trauma, deep sorrows, betrayals, illness, lost, feelings of hopelessness.  We hold a space to teach them they alone have the power to heal themselves.  We guide them in connecting with their soul, finding love for who they are and where they have come.  We help them change old beliefs and fears so they can recreate their story.  

Your support will help them get the resources they need at our retreats.   We give ONE FREE space each retreat; your support will help fund that space for one individual to enjoy this space. 



At every retreat, day, weekend, mini, & virtual, we have healing providers.  We have hand picked these women and men.  They are small business owners who bring a lot to their community, many of our providers donate their time to IAM THE CAUSE.  

We love that we are able to support so many providers, we know what an impact small businesses have on the community.  We love that we are supporting them personally, we are keeping the monies locally, as well as helping our guests connect with providers that can support their self healing journey that are close to home.



Vendors have a special place in our hearts.  They have literally been hand picked because of two reasons.  

1. They started their business to support a cause (Down Syndrome, rare diseases, human sex trafficking, domestic abuse).

2. They are small business just starting off.

We want to help spread their great name and created products.  

IAM, the LLC


As you can see, IAM, LLC has a big vision and mission.  For us to provide income, exposure, the support of healing, and make sure our IAM THE CAUSE is funded we need support from other amazing companies that help us make a difference.  

We KNOW we are the businesses that we are because we are able to make such a difference.  


Tier 1


*Your company will be in the printed program at the retreat

*Your company will be on the website as a sponsor

Tier 2


*Includes Tier 1

*Company shoutout two times a month, for two months  on social media (audience of 10,000+)

Tier 3


*Includes Tier 1 & Tier 2

*Company can provide swag/business cards to go in each retreat bag

*We will provide signage of your company at retreat

Premier Tier 1


*Your company will be in the printed program at the retreats 

*Your company will be on the website as a sponsor with links to your website

*Your company mentioned in out our going email (50+/month)

*Annual LIVE interview at IAM THE CAUSE open house

*We will provide signage of your company at retreat

Premier Tier 2


*Includes Premier Tier 1

*Company shoutout two times a month on social media (audience of $10,000 +)

*Semi-annual, 20 minute social media interview

Premier Tier 3 1500+/retreat


*Includes Premier Tier 1 & Premier Tier 2

*Includes Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3

*Two guest passes to a day or mini retreat per year

*Video Slideshow at our conferences and retreats of your company

Help our Mission

Your support and contributions will help us to in our annual: IAM THE CAUSE, providers & vendors to get their businesses off the ground, and our guest to get the resources they need.  


 Your generous donation will also support the funding our IAM mission.

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