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Stella Hackett

Jen is a great leader and speaker.  Most of all she loves people and wants to help them regardless of financial compensation.  Jen is a woman of character and high values.  Her passion to help women in all stages of life is her driving force.  I would recommend her services to anyone. 

Lori Engel

I love it all!!

I feel so refreshed when I've done these retreats.

Mick Norton

With all My Heart I recommend This for All Women Empowerment is the most important lesson than can be found in a individuals life !

Dawn Elizabeth

Jenn is absolutely amazing.  She is wonderful leader and awesome speaker.  I highly recommend you do one of her retreats!


Kristen Frye

Where to start!  I absolutely love Jen and everything she stands for.  She understands  what it's like to be a women in need of retreats  away from the daily stresses life brings. What an amazing relaxing safe haven to rest,replenish and renew!!

Heather Diane Clark

I love Jenn!!  She's an amazing person & I've done her recent event on Mindfulness and she's jus a breath of fresh air!  I highly recommend everyone do at least one of her classes, you won't regret it

Tiffany Godfrey

Jen is passionate about helping others to find their purpose and achieve their goals.  She truly believes in the power of attraction and her positivity and energy are boundless.

Chelsea Rivers-Stein

Jen is an amazing leader.  She is charismatic speaker, and has a wealth of knowledge.  Her heart for seeing others grow is her best feature


Emily Haverfield

If you haven't met Jen, then you are missing out!  She is such a joy and has a wealth of knowledge like no other!   Would love to go on one of her retreats some time!